Saturday, September 4, 2010

Goonies Or Bust 2010 Oregon Skate trip W/ Clay, Benny, Johnny & Myself

First two hours in to the trip we stopped by a Speedy Shack gas station in Kelso Washington, it had a huge rooster for a mascot on top of the roof. Johnny & Clay made some impulse buys... (Gnarly energy drinks, one that smelled like hair spray, the other taste like Pennies and Nutrasweet). Next destination, the Oregon border. We drove over a very sketchy bridge that didn't feel safe at all, very high and two lanes only. Upon arriving at the hotel in Astoria we encountered a family of Raccoons, mild mannered little fellas. Climbing in and out of the trash can at the entrance as if it was their own little McDonalds. After checking in Benny and I went on a nature walk with a tall boy in tow, found a path behind the hotel that led us to the beach. Great view, the bridge was lite up well and the tide was out which made for a nice looking landscape. (One of the cars parked in front of the hotel)

The next morning we climbed out of our slumber and headed down for some continental breakfast(the best I have ever had, then again I don't stay at hotels that often). Now it was time for some Goonies action.
The Goonies house was cool but weird, they definitely made it look different in the movie. Right as we showed up we encountered a deer at the front of the house, looked like a figurine at first until it moved. The Jail house was cool,

picked up some souvenirs, checked out the museum and headed for the car. on the way we stopped at a store where some crazy local harassed Benny for a cigarette, they guy had no windshield and a old bike helmet on, I guess meth does a body good in Astoria. After the downtown excursion we headed for Seaside. The park was fun but awkward, as well as over rated. Johnny took a spill during his first run and unbeknown to us at the time, fractured his elbow. After that we headed to the local skate shop (the best one on the whole trip)where the owner had his personal collection of old Skateboards displayed on the upper wall.
(Johnny bought this one)

We drooled a bit then headed for Cannon Beach.
(Faking a fall above Cannon Beach)

Home of the phallic rocks that are in Goonies.

Rolled by the park and before we could drop in we were kicked out for not having helmets on. Not motivated enough to go back to the car to get em we opted to head to Lincoln City. We stopped by a coffee shop and met this cat, he was awesome, purred so loud. Sounded like a bird, we almost stole him. Next stop Lincoln City.

I had heard a lot of stories from friends over the years, about this park, seen pictures, video and so on, and upon arriving at the park I was shocked as well as humbled by the sight. No wonder why people have been airvaced out there. Everything was enormous. Mark 'Red' Scott & Co. are definitely Mad Scientists when it comes to building Skate Parks. After a 45 minute session we went on the prowell for some grub. First attempt was a place called Simbas, enticing from the outside ridiculous from the inside. So we headed for the Casino, down the way. The food was expensive but delicious none the less.
(the view from our table)

After we grubbed Johnny & I hit up the slot machines where I lost two dollars and Johnny won fifty. Broken and full, we hit the road. Destination Battle Ground Skate Park. On the way I had fallen for a few minutes and jerked awake and elbowed Johnny in his broken elbow, the car swerved and for a second, leaving Johnny in more pain then he needed. Clay & Benny laughed for twenty or so minutes, it apparently looked funny from the back seat. Battle Ground was great, huge street course, lights till eleven pm tons of tranny.

By far the funnest park of the trip and the last one. We skated the park till the lights were turned off on us and then drove home early, since Johnny was in so much pain. Good times.

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