Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Run With The Hunted 12.05.10

My day started off pretty mellow, with no plans but to go to the show later on that night. Before I made my way to the Black Lodge, my girlfriend and I got something to eat and cruised around downtown killing time. Upon arriving at the venue, I could tell right away that it was going to be a good show, with good people. I like the Black Lodge, the people who run it are legit, and the sound system has improved considerably over the last couple of years.

I was excited to see all of the bands for a change, especially Breaga Naofa (first show) & Olde Ghost; two new and up and coming bands consisting of ex members of reputable bands that had broken up a few years back. (BREAGA NAOFA: Love Is Red, November Group, Wait In Vain. OLDE GHOST: Himsa, Everything Went Black).

While looking over the merch tables, I noticed a vegan bake sale put on by the Seattle Animal Defense League. The bake sale was an effort to raise money for the Precious Life Sanctuary. If I hadn’t just eaten a bunch of vegan treats before arriving at the show, I would have been all over those treats. By the end of the show I did manage to stuff my face with at least one delicious cookie though. It was awesome! Thanks Ego.

Seattle Animal Defense League

Breaga Naofa opened up the show. Taking nods from several styles of Hardcore, the sextet played two songs totaling a nineteen minute set. Whoa! BN right off the bat reminded me a lot of Fall of Efrafa from the United Kingdom, heavy in an almost crust kind of way kinda like Tragedy & Protestant and ambient in an ISIS or Neurosis vein. Three guitarists make for a very loud band.

Breaga Naofa

Olde Ghost was up next. Bringing to the table an Eighties Hardcore (ala Black Flag) kind of feel, they had two singers, a male and female. Drawing from Punk and Hardcore with like-minded members, they played an energetic set of short fast songs.

Olde Ghost

Envision was great as usual, drawing from 90’s Hardcore influence... the Bellinghamers hammered out a passionate set. Fall Silent comes to mind when ever I see this band, its nice to hear bands play 90’s style Hardcore rather than the Metalcore crap that gets shoved down everyone’s throat these days.


Not Sorry, once again brought their classic Youth Crew, Straight Edge style to the table. Standing firm to their “Fuck Bar Culture” motto, they hammered out a quick set throwing in a Minor Threat cover for good measure. The in between song banter reminded me of going to shows back in the early 90’s, back when there was a zine culture, spreading the word of Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles.

Not Sorry

Last but definitely not least was Run With The Hunted. Finishing their tour as a quartet (their second guitarist, Ian, had to head home in the middle of tour) RWTH brought it and played a passionate set. Compared to the last time they came through Seattle, I could tell they had their new songs dialed in to a T. Raging hardcore, full of sing-a-longs. The floor was moving as voices joined together singing along with Drew’s melodic screaming. I had anticipated that they would play a good set and I was not disappointed.

Run With The Hunted

Shows such as this one are the epitome of what I miss from the pre-myspace/facebook era. Where people came together on an underground level, spreading the word via handbills and posters etc.

All in all, this was a great show.

Run With The Hunted

Not Sorry


Olde Ghost

Seattle Animal Defence League

Precious Life Sanctuary


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This is great adrien, thanks! mind if I use the adl pics on facebook?

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Great post Adrien! You're right, we should have sucked it up and gone to the show.

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Kyle, you may use any picture that you want.

Jennifer, yes you should have...

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