Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rain Fest ~ May 27th~29th 2011

Day One:

When I first arrived All Teeth was about to go on,
Marking the beginning of the Panic Records showcase.
All Teeth are a very intense band live.
Having both played with them in my prior band  (Marginal Way)
as well as attending all of their other shows since,
I have seen them blossom into the monster that they are today.
They recently released a new EP on Panic Records,
pick it up, it will not disappoint.
 RWTH is the epitome of what I love about hardcore,
They have such a powerful presence and drive,
filled with so much energy and passion.
Buy all of their releases, another jam for the ipod,
that you wont be able to take out of your CD player.
Don't sleep on this.

Good vibes... and gang signs, sounds like a wrap lyric.

Years ago I saw these guys and Go It Alone at a loft space in Georgetown,
I was so stoked to see them. Fast forward to 2011 and in
one weekend I saw there last two out of three (Technically, Po Dog!)
NW shows. It was sad to see this band play and think to myself
"Man I'll never see this band again" sadness aside,
they brought it at both shows that I attended.
I hope they all start new bands that are just as good.
Another Breath
Panic Records

Another great band on their way up.
Note to sleepers, get some coffee or something...
I listen to their new LP at least once a day.
Make Do And Mend
Panic Records

Although not a Panic Records band, Black Breath
makes for a good addition to the festivities.
Huge circle pits were in full effect!
Black Breath ~ Facebook
Southern Lord Records

The last time I saw Trial I was stage managing
their reunion back in 2005 (at this very same venue).
This year was a good change of pace, since I spent the entire set
last time holding the mic chords into the snake on stage
so that people could hear Greg's vocals.
Thankfully the people surrounding me that evening were understanding,
and held me up, it was awkward to say the least.
I couldn't help but think about how stoked Brian (RIP)
would have been on the fest this year, as well as the set
that his former band mates played, while they were playing.
Good job fellas.
Panic Records

They had some sweet tees that I forgot to get, too much merch... so many bands.
Since I was riding my bike I had to hit up Saigon Deli.
A diamond in the rough when it comes to vegetarian food.
That and you cant go wrong with $2.25 a sandwich.

 Todd Jones has been in many bands both current
as well as defunct, with Nails being the most extreme.
Brutal isn't a word that I think of when I listen to them, but its the closest that
best describes the vicious licks that this band pumps out.
So good.
Nails ~ Facebook
Southern Lord Records

Ill Intent ~ Facebook
New 7" Is Up For Pre-Order

I Put off Finishing This Post For So Long That I Can't Seem To Find The Rest Of The Pictures,
But I'll Update it when I Come Across them...Oops.

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