Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lords Of Seatown 09.15.2013

Lib Technologies Have Always Been A Supporter 

Of The Local Skateboard Community Here In Seattle

On September 15th They Came Through Once Again

With The First Annual: Lords Of Seatown...
Seattle's Best Of The Best With Five Minute Group Heats

$500 - 1st Place $300 - Second Place $200 - Third Place

BBQ Raffle & Some Wild Riders Of Boards...

Poster Art By Quincy Quigg!..

Seattle's One And Only DIY Built, Marginal Way Skate Park..
Gotta Let Em Know..
Here We Go..
Dirty Dan Frontside Hurricane..
Bountiful Treasures..
Mike Swearingen Crail Tail Slide..
Danny Tumia Front Blunt..
Jamie Jacobsen Melon Transfer..
Brice Niebuhr Indy..
Jason Singler Frontside Going High..
Kyle Ward Stale..

Taking It Back To The Old School (No Name)..
Danny Tumia Frontside Disaster Slide..
Forest And The Foundry Crew Held Down The Grub & Tee's..
Sky Siljeg Runnin Runnin..

Tim Herrera Waiting..
The Rules Are Simple..
Max Hohlbein Nose Grab Tail Slide..
Danny Tumia Crail'n That Tailslide..
CEO Michael Childress & Alex Johnson
Pit Stop..
Alex Johnson Rockin Out..
Frontside Handy (No Name)..
Alex Johnson Backside Blunt 180..
To Think, It All Started With This One Wall..
Drum Roll Please..

Good Vibes..
Raffle Was Huge..
Micah Held It Down..

Thread The Needle (No Name)..


On Lookers..

Mike Swearingen Frontside Smith..
Metal Mark Backside Smith..
Jason Singler Frontside Finger Flip..
Marg Art..
Max Hohlbein Destroyed It And Won..
Gotta Get Em Started Young..
Young Guns Getting Down (No Name)..
Hand Plant Mania (No Name)..
The View..
Jason Singler With A Classic Fontside Smith Grind..
Someone's Got A Green Thumb..
Backside Bonless (No Name)..

Backside 5-O (No Name)..
The Youth Are Getting Stoked..
CEO Carving Over The Light..
Frontside (No Name)..
Brice Niebuhr In Breakin 2.5..
Brice Niebuhr Has A Hand On Thing's..
Tuckin (No Name)..
Dirty Dan Rockin Out..
Jason Singler Nose Stall Tail Grab..

Brice Niebuhr Frontside Air..

Matt Backside Tail Slide..
Quincy Quigg Is At It Again With A New Tee For The Fund Raiser..

When The Dust Settled We Raised $2645.00 

To Help Finish The Next Section Of The Park!

Thanks to Lib Tech, Marginal Way Skatepark  Association,

Jones Soda Co., SnoCon, Sausage SkateboardsBlack Market Skateboards

Dirty BearingsEvo,    Amigos SkateboardsThe Foundry, & Grindline

As Well As The Continued Support Of The Local Cummunity

We Couldn't Do It With Out You.

Donations Are Always Welcome!

All Photo's By Adrien Way


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