Saturday, September 14, 2013

Smuggler's Run 2013: Orcas Or Bust!

It had been a few years since I last made it up to Orcas Island

For the annual camping trip known as Smugglers Run. 

The days leading up to making the decision whether or not 

I would be able make it up where kind of nerve racking. 

Taking a day off from work wasn't an option.

Leaving after work on a Friday and trying to make my way  by Shuttle

Up to Anacortes to catch a Ferry was looking grim.

That's when I remembered, the Airport down the street 

From the Scott Stamnes Memorial Skatepark.

I remembered the stories of a few older skater's 

That would fly to the Orcas Island

Skate, Hike & Camp for the weekend and then fly back.

So after a few phone calls, I had to make the decision, 

"Am I Gonna Do This..?!" I kept asking myself.

The whole while completely psyching myself out...

At this point I had been spending two days deliberating 

The process of how I was going to make it happen.  

Shuttle/Ferry or Fly out of Boeing Feild?

I don't usually do well with Airplanes, but I started to get exited 

About the idea of just flying to the island on a little Cessna Caravan Plane 

And cutting out the 6-8 hour stressed out Shuttle/Ferry ride

To A measly 45 Minute Plane Ride.

That's when I decided "Fuck it, I'm Doin It!"

Best decision I've made in a long time.

11 AM Saturday Morning..

It's Like A Go-Cart With Wings...

Cessna Caravan & Grand Caravan Wheel Plane 


And.. We're Off!

I Have Always Wanted To See The City From This Vantage Point!

Ahh... Home.

So Close To The Captain & Co Pilot Seats, Almost Felt Like I Could Fly It, Haha..

Dial It In...

Flying Between Two Layers Of Clouds..
San Juan Islands


San Juan Islands

Friday Harbour Layover.. "Don't Fuck Up!"

Howdy Partner..

Tools Of The Trade..

Flip The Switch..


If You Lookk Closely, You Can See A Bee On The Paperwork Next To The Headset 
Good thing I saw it in Time To Tell The Captain Before He Put Em On!

Now That, Is How You Can Tell An Old Plane From The Newer Planes..

Hello, Orcas Island!

East Sound Airport

Fun Ride!

Saw This Fella On The Walk To The Park..
All Smiles..

Scott Stamnes Memorial Skatepark, Orcas Island.

This Friggn Guy.. Phelps!

Killer, Orca Whale Drawing..!
It Was A Beautiful Day..

PNW Is Best..

Benny Approves..

Surfs Up!

Erick And Benny Chillin..

Eric Gonzales Board Slidin...
Shawn Bishop Carvin It Up..

Lib-Tech  Rider Mike Swearingen Backside Transfer

Lib-Tech  Rider Mike Swearingen Frontside Indy Shifty

Lib-Tech Rider Blair Habenicht Fronside Five O..
No Booze For You..

Lib-Tech  Rider Mike Swearingen Backside Handplant Hip Transfer
The Trek To The Lake..

Stay Left!


"I Got A Bad Feeling About This.." - Jim
Jim, Wylin' Out!

After Math..

Off To The Camp Site..

All Set Up, To Fall Out Later, Haha..

I Like To Call This "The Thinking Man" Tree..

Best Camp Site, Ever..

Breathtaking Every-time..

Ayy.. We're Campin Over Here..

Campfire Tacos!

The Wind Down..

Good Ol' Campfire Popcorn..

Warming Up With Breakfast..

Next Lake Here We Come..

Where The D&D Dragons Roam..

If You Hang It They Will Swing Off Of It Into The Water..


Jim Was On Fire Both Days..



Runnin It..

The Romance Ferry..

Who Say's White Kids Can't Jump..

Number One?

They've Come A Long Way..

Other Than All Of The Bee's, Perfect 31.5 Hour Trip!

Packed And Waiting..

The Plane was Full On The Ride Back..

One Of The Lakes That We Were At Earlier..

San Juan Islands With Mt. Hood In The Background..

Mt. Hood..

I'm Telling Ya, Go-Cart With Wings..

I Deem You "Elephant Of The Penis Island"..

I've Decided That All Cars Need Wings..

From Ballard To The U-District, Crazy View..

Chinatown To Bellevue, Nice Day To Fly..

Boeing Field..

King County International Airport..

The Long Walk Home.. Hello Georgetown.

Cat Palace 6:30 PM Sunday Afternoon..

Thanks For Reading!


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